Spirulina is the super food that has high content of vitamins and minerals that are most essential to human body. In general we get vitamins from food intake like fruits, vegetable, meat, milk, eggs and etc foods. Combining all these, Spirulina powder contains the minerals that help to increase your power and energy. They also contain anti-cancer cells that can effectively kill several cancer cells in your body. They also increases your energy, immune system, helps to strengthens bones and muscles.

spirulina powder People irrespective of gender and age can consume Spirulina powder. Here are some considerations on who to consume Spirulina and how often.

Who can take Spirulina Powder?

·         Teenagers:

The nerves and blood cells in these people are always active will have more power. Some low active teenagers suffer from the problem of low energy and body growth. These people can consume this supplement to be active and energy all time.

It is recommended that 3 grams of Spirulina powder is enough to teenagers to get sufficient energy. As their enzymes will be in active stage having 3 grams of this supplement will be enough to create sufficient power for their body.

·         Adults:

Adult people with low power and low immune can take this supplement. Others also can take but an active person doesn’t require extra energy. Adults can take 3 to 6 grams of Spirulina powder to get much energy. Having the supplement in this quantity will be enough to create much power in them.

Both males and females can consume this supplement. Having these tablets of 1 gram each for three daily can give power in same quantity. This helps to strength bones, boosts immune power, increases metabolism in your body.

How to consume Spirulina Powder:

As Spirulina powder contains high concentration of proteins and nutrients, taking this in low quantity will be enough to get sufficient energy. This supplement is available in both tablets and powder form. If you are taking in tablets form you can consume along with water. If you are using powder form then you can use water or any fruit juices to get taste.

  • It is recommended to take the Spirulina powder at morning along with breakfast. Taking this supplement in the morning will keep you active and fresh all day. Hence you can have better day to day life.
  • Water is most important factor in taking Spirulina powder. You need to take more water when using this supplement. This water content enhances the power of supplement and gives you more energy. You need to take at least 2 liters of water when using Spirulina powder.spirulina powder
  • This supplement tastes bitter and hence you will quite depress while consuming. There is not confession to take this food with water. You can also mix with fruit juices or any other water combinations to create taste. This helps people to get interest on Spirulina powder and consuming will also makes easy.
  • Hence these are the most important point on the Organic Spirulina powder. You can follow these steps to get best energy.