Top reasons to Choose Best Man and Van Hire Company

Choosing the best man and van Hire Company for moving your household cargo can be helpful in packing, loading, transportation, delivery and loading under one roof. You don’t need to search for individual service providers for each task. The other obvious reason is choosing size of van according to your requirement. Here you can avail four exclusive types of vans for small, medium and large size wheel base van as well as Luton vans.

Customized Packing

Man and Van

  • Fragile materials: – They are given the top priority in packing. Electrical lamps, LCD TV, computer display units, glassware and other fragile materials are packed with foam or bubble filled packing. The best man and van Hire Company provides high quality packing tapes and carton boxes for securing these items with maximum care. They are clearly marked to be handled with care, so the loading team knows the exact location to place them in the van. This helps in keeping them safe until they are unloaded at the destination.
  • Electrical Appliances: – packing of electrical appliances like ovens, refrigerators, Air conditioners and other items can be done in wooden carton boxes. This gives them added stability and protection from stress while being transported. You can request for special packing for the items.
  • Furniture and Fixture: – small and medium size furniture like shelves, cupboards, tables and chairs can be done with dense polythene sheets. Since most of the vans have closed enclosures, you can be assured about their protection from external elements during transportation.
  • Kitchenware: – Kitchenware and small household materials can be packed in carton boxes of appropriate dimensions. Additional packing materials like tapes and fillers like foam and bubble sheets are used for protection from shocks while transporting. You can visit website of the service provider to get further details.

Cargo Loading

The process of cargo loading and unloading is more than dumping the cargo and taking it out. The experts at best man and van Hire Company know how to mark each package with specific labels and symbols. This helps in arranging them in the van. All the hard bound packages are placed at the bottom, while medium and small sized packages are marked and placed at the top layers. Fragile materials are marked and stored separately.

TransportationMan and Van

The certified and licensed drivers at best man and van Hire Company are trained to use the maps and directions accurately. They can find the most convenient and relatively free lanes to carry your cargo within the specified time to the destination.

  • Transportation vans are maintained in highly operational conditions. The interiors are kept free from dust, mold and other damaging elements.
  • Preventive care for the van ensures long distance running without experiencing any kind of hassles on the way.
  • All the vans at best man and van Hire Company have cleared the road fitness tests and in ready to service condition.


You can get regular updates about your cargo in transit from the starting point till it reaches the destination. This keeps you free from any sort of anxiety.