abaya islamic clothes

In this day and age, wearing a hijab or abaya in the West is considered a powerful indicator of a unique personality with several non-Muslims seeing it as a political statement. However, the fact of the matter is that the hijab is, before anything else, an act of worship, and also an act to attain the pleasure of Allah.

abaya islamic clothes

Most Muslims fiercely contest the definition of hijab, and sadly most of the people who participate in the subject are unaware that it’s very much characterized by the Islamic law, the Shari’ah, rather than cultural customs.

In short, these circumstances are that one’s garments must cover the whole body in a manner in which the form of the human body isn’t clear, and the substance should not be so thin that you can see through it. It shouldn’t be appealing to men, nor should girls be perfumed when out of the home in the public.

The primary goal of wearing the hijab or the abaya is to prevent corruption; females that are attractive by character draw the gaze of men which then contributes to other larger sins like fornication and adultery. Our Lord ordered women neither to show their adornment nor to exhibit any behavior which may draw the interest of men.

The Shari’ah also prohibits women from talking softly for basically the same reason, i.e. to reduce the corruption of the mind. The Islamic Shariah also prohibits guys to look at non-mahram girls or to remain alone together.

While walking on the roads of London, Amsterdam and other large cities in Europe we see various kinds of un-Islamic hijabs. What’s more, western girls are extremely fond of bringing the attention and interest of men. It appears that a number of our Muslims sisters are affected by this and have begun to wear clothing to draw the respect of “brothers” in an attractive manner. One reason can be that sisters wearing abaya in the UK and other European cities mostly use the internet to search for an abaya and end up buying an abaya online that is mostly fashionable and doesn’t fulfill the requirements of Shariah.

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One of the principal problems is restricting the hijab or abaya as being an expression of feminine Muslim identity. But it’s unfortunate to see lots of Muslims treating it only as an Islamic fashion, while they overlook the requirement to execute it in a manner that matches the shari’a ahkam.

We must comprehend that adorning yourself with the hijab or abaya is meant to worship Allah. It is supposed to please our Lord and help us to achieve a high rank in Jannah.

Having the appropriate purpose in wearing the hijab or abaya is your primary and first step towards a remedy for this issue. Let me clarify here that by projecting worries relating to this non-Islamic type of hijab I don’t mean to discourage Muslim girls from observing the hijab or wearing the abaya, but rather it serves to promote Muslim women to advance to observe the right system of the veil. By writing this critique, I desire for progress and improvement rather than to incite women to draw away from wearing the abaya entirely.

Some Muslims posit that we shouldn’t be stringent in calling for the correct observance of several Islamic practices in the west, and therefore, we ought to encourage Muslim women to perform as far as they are, without being very strict, even though some might not be perfect in such observance. Undoubtedly we consent to encourage Muslim girls to perform as much as they could, but giving naseehah and correcting the faulty Islamic practices is a responsibility upon those who understand.

Lots of our Muslim sisters are ignorant concerning the sharai conditions that Islam gave regarding a legally valid hijab and abaya, and thus it’s incumbent upon us to make them aware of the legal requirements and characteristics of an appropriate hijab. Knowledge is the cure to all diseases in society.

Muslim sisters undoubtedly wear the hijab with good intentions even if they are not observing it correctly. Advising them in addition to teaching their parents is just another manner towards solving this situation. It may be an excellent idea to publish and distribute some leaflets that explain the correct way to observe the hijab and abaya which is not just a fashion statement but a way to worship Allah and earn His pleasure.