Christ Embassy- Add Meaning To Your Life

In Lagos in 1990, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome founded a mega church and a Christian denomination known as Believer’s LoveWorld Incorporated or Christ Embassy. It has since congregation in many countries with members in millions, becoming global network of churches.

Christ Embassy – A brief history since its inception

The pastor began his journey by leading a prayer group. At the time he was studying architecture at the University Of Ego State. In 2003, LoveWorld was running three TV channels namingly LoveWorld TV, LoveWorld SAT and LoveWorld Plus, the first 24 hours Christian channels in Africa. The publishing house LoveWorld publications published the first book in the year 1995.  It was called “Recreating your world”. While worshiping at Christ Embassy, you will learn so much more than just letters, you will learn the spirit of the world. They have published the books covering the topics like prayer, faith, divine healing, health, Holy Spirit, health, soul winning, spiritual growth and Christian Living. They also have a daily devotional called “Rhapsody of Realities”. It is the bestselling Bible study guide and daily devotional that have been distributed in over 749 languages in 242 countries. Moreover, new languages are being added regularly for making it accessible to many more people in different parts of the globe.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Christ Embassy – An Ambiance like never before

Christ Embassy is much more than a church; being there is more than being in church. It is a vision. It lets you get the hold of your life. The vision of God becomes real and not only to you but to others as well. You watch the word of God manifested in your everyday life, thus knowing what the word of God really is. Being there you will become a part of the vision, God’s vision.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome – Who is this man?

Also known as Pastor Chris, Chris Oyakhilome is reputable as Christian minister of Nigeria. The ministry he works for is responsible for services like Rhapsody of Realities, the healing school, and LoveWorld books. It also runs an NGO named Missions of Children. Along with it runs three channels as mentioned above. In 2015, Pastor Chris was given an honorary doctorate from Benson Idahosa University and Ambrose Alli University. He also runs an online an online prayer network on social media for sending messages to Christians in many countries.

International Easter Youth Camp – An Initiative by the Pastor

Chris Oyakhilome also organizes International Easter Youth camp that gives the opportunity to visit the healing schools. Along with the interesting camp activities, there are also activities like excursions and special forums through which youth from different countries comes in contact with one another, fostering friendship and inspiring each other to do more. Here the youth are filled with a renewed enthusiasm to change their world with Gospel. The outstanding teachings and importations by Pastor Chris, the man of God, stays to be the highlight of the International Easter Youth Camp. It is a moment to cherish, the entire camp is to get spiritually connected to God and his visions. In Christ Embassy you can pray and feel the word of God becoming alive.