Concrete Foundation – Uses and Benefits of Slab Jacking and Piercing

Sunken Concrete repairing was achieved initially through various methods.  Pushing wood and steel into the ground to bring back Sunken Concrete and foundations and slabs back to the original condition of theirs.  By the use of such extremely rudimentary applications, many people will go on to call themselves as so experienced and this is irrespective of the fact that whether they had training or not.  The one and only detriment in this was that in the course of time, those kinds of repairing only just became a waste of time and effort.

Sunken Concrete

Lots of such futile applications only just prevented the usual day to day working operations of organizations and even maybe families for a residential construction dwelling repair.

Anyhow, in many of those type of cases, it is normally desirable to get the concrete foundations and slabs corrected without having any furniture or appliances in the vicinity or counting upon the quality of the real estate, businesses are disrupted and families are moved.

In the recent days, many changes are observed in the level of expertise as well as the technology applied and also the expertise of the concrete contractors. Flooring Concrete overlay San Antonio helps you in serving your needs as per modern technological standards,

While performing repair of concrete foundations and the neighbouring areas, two methods are usually used and they are hydraulic jacking and slab jacking.

In the case of Slab Jacking, the grout is pumped underneath a concrete slab which makes a lifting force which restores the sunken part back to its original condition.  But in the case of hydraulic jacking which is known also as piercing, steel posts are sunken in via unstable soil after while, hydraulic jacks are employed for stabilizing concrete foundations, not causing whatever type of changes in the soil.

Selecting the appropriate method for Repairing Concrete Foundations

Before targeting on the method of repair, it is highly necessary to make sure what are the causes of those issues, firstly.   This could be done through the examination of windows, trim boards, mortar joints, moldings, and brick veneer.  The weather has to be taken also into account since it can create issues in the soil that is underlying.

Slab Jacking happens to be some one of the most commonly employed methods to fix up issues in smaller slabs like sidewalks, swimming pools, residential slabs, driveways etc.

In performing Slab Jacking, cement binding material is pumped in via little holes that are found on the concrete slab.  Once the adhesive binding material is in place, it gets solidified into a thick mass and gives the perfect bearing for concrete foundations.

Sunken Concrete Repair

If the adhesive used is of Cement Soil-lime, stabilizing the sub-base or base would be made effectual through the lime in the Slurry.  This considerably helps enormously in the stabilization of the subsoil for preventing the problem reoccurring.

Supposing the problems are bigger than normal, similar to the ones that we encounter in retail and commercial establishments, with issues of shifting foundation in places like Staten Island, the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens – hydraulic jacking is employed  for stabilizing the foundation and to bring it again to its original levels.