Motivational Saga of Siu Tran

Siu Tran
Motivational saga of Siu Tran starts with his initial venture with the disabled students at the Western sunshine community centre. Imagine an 18 year old youngster trying to work his way to solve the problems he had not even heard of. One of the main problems with disability is the associated depression and anxiety. It takes a long time for an average disabled person to overcome these two phobias and try to lead a normal life. In many cases it may not be possible to make it despite the great amount of help extended by family and community members. According to the leading psychologists this could be due to the “sympathy”, rather than empathy expressed by others towards the disabled persons.

How to Treat the Disabled – Siu Tran

According to Tran Siu the basic principle that guides helping disabled is elimination of sympathy. It makes them feel different and puts them in a state of long lasting depression. He says “You don’t need to show how graceful you are towards disabled persons. That hurts their sensitivity. Treat them equally and led an invisible helping hand when they need it”.

This principle adopted by Siu Tran seems to have worked miracles in the Sunshine community centre. The disabled students no longer feel they are different from others in their neighborhood. They have willingly accepted their limitations and tried to achieve their best from the god given gifts of ability they have.

Keeping the focus of disabled students on positive thinking is not an easy task, especially for a teenager like Siu Tran. He has learnt to master the art of motivating the students to focus on their talents and abilities. This was surely a daunting task which he has single mindedly succeeded in achieving.

Once he started treating the students on equal terms, Tran Siu could feel them responding to his calls promptly. Within a short span of time Tran Siu was able to win their trust and friendship. Using them as tools he worked with them in an interactive manner.

What Makes Bocce So Great – Siu Tran

Bocce is a simple game in which the players use a large sized ball to bowl, roll and move around with their hands or other parts of the body which are active. This process makes them realize their potentials in a practical manner. Moreover they get an opportunity to spend time with other disabled students from the community. This gives them a feeling of belonging with each other. Siu Tran has understood this feeling and lends a helping hand in uniting them on a common platform.

Siu TranThe biggest problem with disability is that of loneliness. The students may be with their friends and family members throughout the day. But still they may feel alienated since they are “different”. When they spend time with students who have similar problems, their feeling of loneliness vanishes. They start looking at life from a positive and practical angle for the first time. This is exactly what Siu Tran has been striving to achieve all the along.