Most amazing Tattoo designs on different culture

Tattoo designs many times are related to the culture because culture inspires us in many ways. It leaves its influence on us. In this globalised world we get to know about many cultures.

tattoo designs

Tattoo design also various from culture to culture. To make it more recognisable we have given these tattoos name according to their belongingness. tribal tattoos are the part of cultural tattoo designs. More information about tattoo designs see here .


tribal tattoo designs include different tribal pattern styles. In old times every tribe has particular symbols. The modern tribal symbols include many new symbols. The animal like tiger, lion, tortoise, wolf and snake are inked in tribal style.  eagle, skull and heart are also designed in tribal tattoo designs.

tattoo designs

There are American tattoos, Japanese tattoos, Asian tattoos and Chinese tattoos. In American tattoo design are all about national symbols. The American flag has been used in tattoo designs lot of times. The American tattoo also contain there national eagle bird symbol. Eagle is furious bird with sharp features and sharp eyes. It symbolises the strength and courage.

American tattoo are famous for their colourful arts. American tattoo designs also contain superhero tattoo. Superheroes are part of new modern American tattoos. They follow the steps of new traditional tattoos and realistic tattoos. This shows that the bounders between different styles of tattoo are fading away. Superheroes are much more famous in American than any other country. In American tattoo the bright colour.

They started the colour scheme that why they are also known as traditional tattoos. The dark Black outline is major part American tattoos. The sailor tattoos are part of American tattoo designs. Japanese tattoo designs showcase the Japanese culture and symbols.

The symbols of koi fish, water ways, dragon, snake, mask, monster, cherry blossom flower, Japanese girls are famous used in tattoo design. Lotus flower also part of Japanese culture, there it symbolise struggle. Quotes are not popular in Japanese tattoos. The Japanese word tattoo designs are famous inked without any other image design. Many celebrities are embracing these tattoo design.  Japanese tattoos are the symbol of protection of body from any harm. They are blend of different themes and features.

They are elegant as well as sexy to ink on body.  Japanese tattoo covers more area then the American and Asian tattoos. Asian tattoo designs are deeply related to culture. Asian tattoo are great deal because of their symbolism. Asian tattoo contain warrior symbols, birds, flowers, animals.

Asian tattoo also have spiritual elements. The Om symbol, lotus, Buddha tattoos are famous. Chinese tattoo are famous for their mysterious, exotic looks. Character tattoo are most inked tattoos in Chinese tattoos. Many celebrities like David Beckham, Julia Roberts seen flaunting these tattoos.

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